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Streaming in five hours. Here's a bonus video from the last stream, where I did a few couch versus matches against the AI to kill time and hope that my frames would behave.

Character Bio:

The Tireless Runner

This isn't any specific messenger-imp we're discussing here, there's quite a few of them around. There is a certain subspecies of imp that can actually move from the Downside to the Commonwealth; they are the only creatures naturally capable of doing so. Most of them have the same general desires as their non-amphibious brethren: they want something to do and food to eat. As such, a few of them going to the Commonwealth is strange but not necessarily a concern for the people there. Doesn't hurt that they generally take pains to avoid notice.

They matter for us because they're the only real way to communicate with the agents of Volfred's Plan in the Commonwealth. Volfred's personally trained a team of these messenger-imps to pass correspondence up and down between the two realms. If it wasn't for these little guys, we wouldn't be able to act out the Plan. And it doesn't hurt that we can still get messages from the exiles who have gone free this way, either.

The real reason the messenger-imps deserve their own bio is because they are the only other playable imp in the versus mode. Ti'zo, of course, is the other one, and bears Safe Return, Elusive Nature, and Titan's Rage. He is pretty much what you'd expect from a standard Imp that wants to go into the fight head-on. The messenger-imp trades Quickness for Hope, and has a really impossible set of masteries: Moon Sign, Last Laugh, Wild Heart, and Inner Glory. Their job is less to attack enemies and more to pose a constant threat to the enemy's Pyre, either by running in and dealing a decisive 25 damage, or by dying close enough that their team can use the Moon Sign they leave behind.
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