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Oralech just kinda hanging out and saying hi, no biggie at all.

Character Bio:

Falcon Ron
The Dirty Dealer

Falcon Ron is an oddball native to the Downside, who manages (or is) the Slugmarket. Although he's got kind of a tiresome personality, he will gladly trade in Sol, the currency of the Commonwealth, in exchange for Talismans we can use to get an edge in the Rites. He frequently comes up with new wares to sell at us, although given my playstyle, we don't often have the money to buy them.

The game spends very little time on the nature of Falcon Ron, awarding him all of a single page in the Book of Rites. That one page basically says everything I've said up there. Nobody really knows why they want to trade in Sol, or why they have no interest in the Rites, or anything like that, and Jomuer's best guess is that they are just preoccupied with other things. Which, hey, that's fair. The world goes on around and without you.

The Talismans he sells are instrumental to doing well in the Rites. We've seen a lot of them already, and he adds plenty to his stock as the game goes on, but again, you need Sol to spend, and the most reliable way to do that is with your Vocations, which don't often come up. He also sells a number of other things that come in handy: Stardust to amplify Talismans, Serums to give exiles stat boosts, and even some Scribe Snuff if you want to respec any given exile. The biggest problem is that he's competing with the stuff you get from the Scribe Trials of Sandra, and he usually loses. If you don't yet appreciate the power of Triesta's Plume, you will by the end of this set of clips.

I also popped open two empty save files and checked what the name of the moon-touched girl was there. It read Mae, so I don't know if that's her true name, or if it's just a placeholder. Either way, there's your answer.
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