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Liberation Rites coming up faster and faster these days. Who's it gonna be, us or the Dissidents?

Character Bio:

Barker Ashpaws
The Chaos Mongrel

Been literally 20 episodes since we've seen this guy, and I am incredibly disappointed in all of you for this. Barker Ashpaws was a hunter back in the Commonwealth, and while he certainly enjoyed it well enough, he didn't really get much of a thrill for life in general up there. This lead to him being an all-around hellraiser for the Commonwealth, although he didn't get exiled until he went and relieved himself on the statue of Archjustice Androbeles IV (I'm wrong in the video). That would be the guy who outlawed literacy, if you recall. In the Downside, he's replaced hunting with the Rites, and he doesn't actually care about winning and going free so much as just going ham and beating other people, even denying them their freedom. That said, he does have a weird sense of honor, especially if you try making a wager with him...

Oddly, this puts Barker just behind Dalbert in terms of representing his triumvirate, the Dissidents. Formed by Ha'ub the Swallow, under the simple tenet of "Those who do not belong, belong", the Dissidents are the ultimate punk rock triumvirate. If Barker could improve on any one aspect, he could stand to make his triumvirate MORE motley, as it's currently a cur-only club. Still, you can't fault him for tarnishing the legacy of the Dissidents.

As mentioned way before, Barker has less Hope and Quickness than Rukey, but makes up for it with access to Lightning Run. So while he lacks Rukey's maneuverability or Dalbert's tenacity, he is among the fastest of exiles in versus mode, and can get through holes in their defense like nobody's business. Effectively, you're giving him the hope of a Cur with the quickness of a Wyrm in one character, so any time you have with Barker should be spent throwing him headlong towards their Pyre.
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