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I guess we have room for one last Rite before we face Oralech? Maybe?

Character Bio:

The Lone Minstrel

Celeste is part of a pair, and the other half of that pair is Tariq, the Lone Minstrel. This mysterious character has been with us, and with the Nightwings, since the beginning. He's closely linked to both the Nightwings and the Rites, although he rarely speaks up save to keep everyone on track. To the Nightwings, he probably matters about as much to the Plan as the Reader does, especially given that he does not (or can not) partake in the Rites.

Unlike Celeste, though, he seems slightly more willing to skirt the boundaries of his role. The biggest clue in this regard is that he considers Volfred to be his "client". This is an odd choice of title to call someone who is ostensibly calling all of the shots for the group, and in many cases Volfred mostly just consults him for advice on occasion, although they do consider each other friends.

As mentioned, it's incredibly likely that Tariq serves as one of the last links to the Eight Scribes, alongside Celeste. However, while I have no proof of this and the game never does anything to indicate it, I expect that Tariq actually wishes for the cycle of the Rites to end. The Plan is something he's only loosely concerned with, and the only time he shows any real emotion or interest is when dealing with Celeste. If the Rites are ended, they may be free to spend a bit of time together.

Like Celeste, Tariq is not playable in versus mode. About the most playable he gets is his White Lute, which can play lute-only renditions of the many songs you hear on your travels through the Downside. At certain moments, he will even sing songs for the team during their travels, and of course, he always sings during a Liberation Rite.
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