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Last call for liberation.

Character Bio:

The Eight Scribes
The Founders of the Rites

There is a lot of mystery about how the Rites came to be in the first place, the form they took, and what makes them tick. The only ones who might have any idea about them are the Eight Scribes, and they're not telling. We've already learned a lot about them from the Book of Rites: a ragtag band of eight exiles who came to the Downside, and set up the Rites as the basis for a new and fair Commonwealth of Sahr to replace the old Empire.

In the Commonwealth, they are revered as godlike beings who may impart their blessings on those who seek them out, and in the Downside it's implied that they have a hand in directing the Rites. But this isn't some fantasy setting where the gods can be chatted up by any hiker determined enough. If the Eight Scribes are still around, they hide themselves just enough that you could chalk their blessings up to morale or chance.

Whatever the case of the Eight Scribes, they were once real people, but they aren't around now, save as guidance for those who come after. The Book of Rites, and the two mysterious singers, are about all the Downside has to link them to their current day. The Commonwealth, as of the events in this game, seem to have forgotten the ideals of the Eight Scribes while still emptily revering their names. The only thing they still do is shine their stars over the Celestial Landmarks, and even then only until the Rites end.

Last post coming up soon. No more character bios in it. No one else to talk about.
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