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CubeUpload does seem to work well, I just restored my Rad Gravity LP with it, since that was my shorter one it was good to test it with.

Only thing I dislike is that we can't create folders, which is a problem as I relied on folders at Photobucket since all my LP images had similar filenames across each one (001.png, 002.png etc). However, since it doesn't look like we need to verify email addresses I think I can just sign up for multiple accounts, one per LP, and organize them that way.

Actually editing the posts is, at least, simple if tedious thanks to the magic of a word editor with Find/Replace.

So with Rad Gravity back online I'll start working on the Goemon LPs soon, though they might take a bit since they're longer, but it should be done.

This won't help with literally every other photobucket image I've used on this forum over the years, but what can ya do?

EDIT: It took a bit of time, but the LPs for Goemon 2 and 3 are now fixed!

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