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Default Wild Arms 2 22-5

Judecca still has his priorities straight.

“The Heimdal Gazzo is loaded with a Heavy ARM, the ‘Soul Deleter’. One blow rivals the light of a fixed star. It'll burn everything in its path. Those scoundrels opposing Vinsfeld's ideals best disappear now.”

Looks like it’s Caina’s shift on exposition duty.

Is that a bad thing? Good thing?

Bad thing for Odessa, so net good thing.

What do you mean, “Flash Gordon’s approaching”?

Fuck yeah! Brad’s back! And he’s got a motherfucking rail gun! It’s an ARMS miracle!

But how did this happen? Flashback!

Brad was all set to explode…

And then some more of those stupid doppelgangers showed up.

I guess they’re a sort of last line of defense? Or they were bored?

Well, Brad thinks it’s funny, at least.

So mirror match! Brad has somehow acquired his Level 3 FP ability for this battle, and can now expend 75 FP in exchange for the ability to fire off two Arms in one turn.

This sounds like a fun move, but there’s no guarantee both arms will hit, so, unless you’ve pumped up your accuracy, you’re probably better off spending that precious 75 FP elsewhere during the (or any) battle.

Anyway, this fight is “real”, but Clone Brad is nothing to write home about. Odds are good he (it?) can be defeated without having to heal even once. And, thankfully for this LP, Clone Brad does not copy Brad’s stats in any way.

And somehow the clone had a better Brad weapon equipped? That doesn’t make any sense.

Here’s the “trick” of Brad surviving and the narrative playing fair: it was absolutely the Gias bomb around Brad’s neck that exploded…

It just happened to be a “cloned” Gias that exploded, not the exact Gias that was attached to Brad. Loophole!

Incidentally, now you know why Antenora took the time to explain how the clones copy the complete inventory of their targets.

Of course, we don’t get an explanation on where Brad found the rail gun. I guess he found it during the couple of days we left him to wander the desert alone.

Maybe he got in some target practice during that time, too.

Dispatch War Rocket Ajax to bring back his body!

Alarms start blaring, red lights start flashing, and I’m forced to conclude that Brad stayed on target.

Real fragile super weapon you got there, Odessa.

Vinny be not pleased.

Caina is here for you.

Reminder: Vinsfeld is the one person on the planet that has an actual memory of whether or not Brad is really Brad. And now he’s taking Brad’s current heroic status personally.

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