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Default Wild Arms 2 23-4

So, one pillar down. Whatís next? Didnít Amy say something about the Sielje Region? Letís see if we canít embarrass Lilka a little more.

Here we are, back in the frozen south of Filgaia.

Aw, he probably misses his bomb.

Professor MacGregor gives us the official directions to the next Diablo Pillar, but we should check in with Terry while weíre here. That boy deserves to be happy.

Aw, Terry, you just keep giving Lilka the business like itís your job.

Speak to Terry as any other party member, and heíll reveal that heís apparently the school virgin detector. Keep up the good work, Terry!

So this Diablo Pillar is smack dab in the middle of the ocean. Thereís a triangle of islands that hide the pillar at the center, but Kanonís radar works just as well on the hovercraft, so itís not a big deal to find this one. Actually, with the ďflatnessĒ of the ocean, itís one of the easiest pillars to uncover.

Welcome to Diablo Pillar Ptolomea.

Iím not going to note every battle floor again, but, suffice it to say, weíve got the same number as every other pillar. There are different monsters, though. Hey! Isnít that Decarabia supposed to be in Persona?

Puzzle time. The theme for Pillar Ptolomea is ďmoving, crushing blocksĒ. These giant cubes roll forward, and youíre supposed to use Bradís bombs to blast through them. Lay a bomb, let the block roll onto it, and, a few bombs later, no more blocks.

However, the blocks are kind of glitched, so you can ďsolveĒ this puzzle through other means.

In fact, you can wiggle through this entire chamber of four moving blocks without using a single bomb. As my old Spanish teacher used to say, if itís worth doing, itís worth doing rapido.

Oh! This dungeon has monkeys! Sweet!

Next puzzle floor, and we canít cheat through this one.

Youíre chased by four blocks on a narrow, square platform. You have to outrace the blocks and blow Ďem all up before a bridge will appear.

The blocks actually get faster as their friend blocks are demolished. Try not to get squished!

Moving on to the subboss du pillar.

Brad still has Billy on the brain.

Brad believes that, since Billy believed in his friends, he was able to more effectively outrace a bomb. I would say this is some phenomenally stupid thinking, but it is exactly what Brad did last update.

So I guess itís time to fight a narwhal.

A tiger narwhal.

Belleclaire is, oddly enough, earth element based.

It also has all the strength of a jungle cat crossed with a sea unicorn. For anyone that hasnít ever fought a unicorn (Iím an expert), that is a lot of strength.

Watch the pointy parts, too!

Belleclaire is probably the most powerful miniboss of the pillars, but itís almost because of the ďaccidentĒ of how easily it can fell Tim or Lilka with fierce physical attacks. But you should be able to succeed with just Brad and Ashley pouring on the offense.

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