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Default Wild Arms 2 24-5

Judecca is going to stick to his philosophy right to the end.

“Yeah, don’t treat this game like a game!”

Jude was always in it for the carnage. Don’t think we’re going to get a friendly denouement out of this scenario.

Aaaaand outright suicide. The children of the party literally look away.

“Or he was just a dick.”
“That too.”

“It's ‘human’ to not hesitate taking another's life when you're protecting your own.”

“Then ‘humans’ are weak and fickle.”

“No need to give in to weakness, but to live strongly. I think that's the ideal for ‘humans’ to strive for.”

We’re the good guys because we don’t kill randomly. Got it. Let’s go slaughter some monsters for EXP on the way home.

And we’re done with the pillars. I suppose we should talk about Judecca a little. Judecca was… a bad guy. There’s no secret backstory, no traumatic childhood, not even a lost love. He’s just a bad guy that likes to hurt people, and that’s it. In a way, that’s kind of refreshing, as it saves us from having to sympathize with another terrorist that is constantly trying to murder us, but it does give me very little to review in a paragraph of epitaph. I feel like I should pad this thing out with some nonsense words. I am the very model of the modern major general… Oh! I can talk about the Diablo Pillars!

Up to this point, Wild Arms 2 has been pretty straightforward with its dungeon -> plot -> repeat architecture. We also, generally, were constantly making forward progress across the world, as our next mission always seemed to lead to some new chunk of geography (or an excuse to use a new piece of technology). Now, we’ve explored the whole of Filgaia, and WA2 presents a new challenge: revisit some old areas, talk to some old friends, and find four separate “hidden” locations. And that’s pretty neat! It’s a fine excuse to advance the plot and remind the player of the world they’ve already explored. And we get to burn off the Odessa Cocytus Generals in focused, dramatic ways. It beats a boss gauntlet in the final dungeon!

Unfortunately, WA2’s eyes may have been bigger than its stomach. Finding the four Diablo Pillars is interesting, but their contents are not. Yes, it’s kind of remarkable that all of the pillars follow a familiar pattern, but it’s a boring pattern, and it feels like padding before the inevitable “real” dungeon at the end of all of this “fetching”. The ghost town was more interesting than every one of these stupid pillars! And, despite giving each general their own dungeon, their final boss fights are unanimously dull, and they all made much more impactful “first” battles than their last (give or take Judecca). Kanon had a memorable “final” fight before she joined the team. These dorks? Not so much.

Just spitballing here, but maybe let the generals combine or otherwise work with their matching sub bosses? I’d be down for Caina x Slime Monster. Ptolomea riding a narwhal would also be acceptable.

Regardless, the Diablo Pillars were a generally good idea, but the execution feels like padding.

We completed one dungeon to find out about the Diablo Pillars, then completed four dungeons to disable those, and now we can finally enter the last dungeon! Yay!

ARMS Mission #17:
Deactivate the Diablo Pillars
Status: Success!
Notes: Seems like there was a lot of bloodshed for effectively flipping four switches.

To the Heimdal Gazzo! After a quick pit stop!

I forgot something back at the abandoned town.

You can see how that door would be easy to miss, right?

Ge Ramtos is our latest guardian.

This Death Guardian was an absolute pain in the butt to obtain during Wild Arms 1.

Ge Ramtos’s summon is a chance for instant death… that never works. She also confers an instant death spell to Tim (that is equally useless). But! If you level up her Tim link, he’ll eventually learn a spell that protects the entire party from instant death spells. Now that is useful! She also grants the skill “Hide in Shadows”, which is Edbard’s hide ability from Final Fantasy 4.

Okay, now it’s time to board our favorite flying mansion and hit that Heimdal Gazzo.

Hey, that looks familiar…

I thought that was Odessa’s logo, but it looks like the logos from the Alchemic Plant were actually Heimdal Gazzo icons. Or it could be both? I don’t know.

“Odessa” is basically one guy at this point.

Yeah! The ARMS-keteers! Let’s kick this would-be tyrant’s ass!

Next time.

Next time on Wild Arms 2: One of our ARMS members is not going to return. Will it be Pooka? Yes, probably. I bet it’s Pooka.
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