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Hey there, Titania. It's been a while.

Nothing has changed with the weird stalk thing or the missile platform.

We can heal in the northwest corner if needed.

Here are some new sights: a very distinct rock formation and a big bird carrying one of our essential MacGuffins across the desert. Anyone else getting Super Mario 64 vibes right now?

The bird is even more unusual, because it's one of the few things we can shoot, but not blow up. After a few hits, it will simply drop the switch and leave. This is somewhat reminiscent of the power-up dropping birds that could be triggered in certain places in the original Star Fox.

As seen above. And you're welcome, Slippy.

If you play Titania on Hard after playing it on Normal, you'll probably notice right away that things are quieter and a lot less...stompy. That's because all of the Moais are gathered in formation in a corner! It's an almost eerie moment, with them just sitting silently when we know how much chaos they can cause.

It can also make players cautious to approach them, which would mean missing out on the power-up they conceal (and if you try flying overhead, you may not see it). I mean, you'd probably imagine there's some reason for them, but it's definitely an unusual setup.

One of the heads will get aggressive and bounce after us if we shoot at it, but only one. These things are just made to play on our psyche.

I can't figure out if this bird crime scene has an actual function or is just here for more flavor. It points toward the tall rock spire, which is where the bird with the switch seems to hang out, so maybe it's meant to be some sort of tribute to the bird that also serves to point it out to the players?

The parade of the bizarre continues, as we find the second switch in the claw of some subterranean tendril. We can track it on radar, and dust follows it when it's breaking the surface. It just flails the switch around, but it takes a lot of hits. It's also impressively fluid in its motion. Like the bird, it simply retreats when forced to drop the switch. Like Dodora, this feels like another inspiration for Star Fox 64's Titania boss (tendrils and claws, initially hiding underground, first found holding something very important and required to progress).

We still haven't found a medal on the surface, and we've covered just about everything. The only loose end is a dot on the radar behaving much like the subterranean claw. If we follow that around...

This giant centipede bursts out of the ground! It's just as durable as the claw, but it will actually shoot at us.
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