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The Gunner bites it, but consecutive bosses take a toll on Fay's light and speedy craft, and I bust out a Shield for some insurance. In an unusual execution of the phrase, the dying boss drops the bomb, and I'm ambushed with a weapon swap. Fay's durability just got even more questionable.

Fortuna still has one of the rare cores with actual defense, and now there's a turret in every corner to destroy, rather than just the two far ones.

Fay blows things up, Fox offers about as bland a summation as possible, and we enjoy the glorious sight of swimming Arwings once more!

Welcome to Expert! Fay nearly went down, and a lot of activity was going on where we were busy. Let's see what we missed on Fortuna before confronting that.

First, some more shots of Dioray, including her actually using the plasma ball attack. I've said it before, but even with primitive models, the SNES Star Fox games manage to create some dynamic, impressive creatures and war machines. They make a nice sample of what 3D gaming could offer.

With Dioray gone, Fortuna's rather empty on Expert. I shouldn't be surprised. I've seen enough kaiju movies to know what giant octopus + ship leads to. In fact, I think I know how Dioray came to possess that switch...

Things aren't much busier under the sea, with a healing pad and a few pickups strewn around. Even the missile platform seems to be gone.


That is new levels of devious!

I have to tip my hat to this one. It's so far outside the boundaries that it doesn't even show on radar unless you're in the very corner (which has no items or landmarks to draw you in). But there's still a line of logic to it, at least assuming you've explored Fortuna on Hard. You know that things can be placed outside of the boundaries, and if you go to where the medal was on Hard, you'll spot the red dot on the radar or the missile itself, if you're looking in the right direction. It's also safe to assume the missile launcher has to be somewhere on the sea bed.

There's nothing here because I just grabbed it. Give me two seconds! Though now I wonder if your partner will say that if you haven't picked up the medal. I'll add that to the list of experiments.

In the base, the map indicates a protrusion in one of the walls. It's on the opposite end of the core entrance, far from the Kick Gunner and anything else of interest.

Stroll inside and we get our medal, not to mention a nice opportunity to heal in this combat-heavy area. I like that the healing pad doesn't appear on radar until we actually enter the area. I mean, maybe that's obvious, but it would be a total giveaway if it was there, while it can be easy to ignore the map otherwise.

With two bosses and the most intense core encounter yet, it would be easy to assume that Fortuna's all about straightforward combat. But Dioray and the Gunner are about positioning just as much as quick trigger fingers, and both medals require literal outside-the-box thinking. The exterior's a bit more bland than Expert mode, but it's a worthy sacrifice for a fun fight. Fortuna continues to set the game's standard.

Next Time: We leave Corneria alone for 7.5 space seconds...
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