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The surface has the typical assortment of power-ups.

The first medal is very strange: It appears as we climb our way up the "pyramid" with the walker. It's a notable landmark, so it makes sense to explore it, but some more encouragement may be helpful.

It should be routine to check for discrepancies between the map and the visible base layout at this point. It's a shame I didn't check for this on the actual run. It's a nice opportunity to heal up after the surface and boss fight.

We're down to just one ship and one planet, but Andross orders the vessel to accelerate. And of course it starts pumping out fighters before I can reach it.

Fox takes care of the first squad easily and then...

Oh come on, Andross, nothing's happened since the last time you micromanaged. What do you want now?

...I am not entertained!
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