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Originally Posted by Taeryn View Post
uh, put both on one side?
Maybe, but first, Gerad inquired about what the discs look like after we put the chalices on them, so let's do that.

You are in the Chamber of Reconstitution of the Body, the Treasury. To the west is a doorway leading back into the Burial Chamber.
In the room is a large, granite table. Cut out from the top of this table are three circles of polished granite. Sitting on the left disc is a silver chalice, and the left disc is three inches above the top of the table. Sitting on the middle disc is a scarab, and the middle disc is slightly below the top of the table. Sitting on the right disc is a golden chalice, and the right disc is three inches below the top of the table.

Seems that the silver chalice is lighter, which may be important. Anyway, let's try seeing if putting both chalices on one side works.

>take golden chalice

>put it on left disc
There's no room. The silver chalice is already on the left disc.

Guess not. However, I think I've given you enough clues to figure out how to solve this, so let's see if you can.


A pick axe
A knapsack (being worn)
  • An ancient book
A bronze torch (lit and burning)
A silver chalice (lighter than the golden chalice)
A golden chalice
A pink jar
  • A liquid (oily and volatile-smelling, apparently flammable)
A canteen
  • A quantity of water
A matchbook
  • A few matches

Your score is 355 out of a possible 400, in 486 moves.
This score gives you the rank of a very good adventurer.

Current puzzles:
Opening the sarcophagus.
Getting the scarab without being crushed.
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