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Originally Posted by Taeryn View Post
take the loot.

I sure hope we get rescued in the post game text or something because unlike say Planetfall, we're not working at all toward finding a way home. (I get that its a game about exploring a pyramid and you have to be somehow constrained to the area the game is programmed for. Its just a nagging feeling. A gold sarcophagus is going to solve our survival problems.)
Let's just hope so, because the end is coming near. Anyway, I assume that by "take the loot," you mean to open the sarcophagus, so let's do that.

>open sarcophagus
You tug, push, pull, yank and generally tire yourself out trying to open the cover until you take a moment, wipe your brow, and look around. You notice that the cover is being held in place by the statues.

Well, we did get a suggestion to try pickaxing the statues to gravel, so let's give that a try.

>hit statue with pickaxe
Which statue do you mean, the Isis statue, the Selkis statue, the Neith statue, or the Nephthys statue?

Might as well do them in alphabetical order.

Trying to destroy the Isis statue isn't notably helpful.

Guess not. I will say that opening the sarcophagus has something to do with the statues, but can you figure out how to do it?
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