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Old 05-15-2019, 07:17 AM
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Default Digital Down-Low for 05/16/2019: OOPS! All Draculas!

There was an accident at the Dracula Factory! Some kid pulled the Dracula lever too far and now we've got to get rid of them all!

PS4 'sclusies are mainly ports this week, starting with Feudal Alloy, which I did already buy on Switch and played just a teensy bit of and want to play more of but haven't yet. But that's more on me than the game. This here is a Troid-em-up starring a robot who is also a fish-tank! And if, like most people, you don't think a fish tank is well suited for a sprawling adventure across a sci-fi medieval backdrop then would it change your mind any if I told you "No, actually, he's fine!"

Well, it should! That's all I'm going to say!

And speaking of ports, we've got one that's a bit older than the PS4 usually gets, as Guilty Gear has been re-released! The first one! I sunk a small chunk of time into Guilty Gear XX back in my wilder youth, but that's about the extent of my knowledge of the series. That, and knowing some of the weird bits of trivia like how when a voice actor for a character died they re-wrote the plot entirely to explain him sounding different.

My point is: I don't know enough about Guilty Gear 1 to gauge how exciting this is. But I DO know that that guy is named Zato and not Eddie in this one! Anyway, it's a fighting game about animes, all of whom are Rock references, punching lightning bolts at one another. And the guy named Badguy is, in fact, the Good Guy

The Padre came out on the Switch a few weeks ago! I believe I described it then as "A Resident Evil Game, except Exorcist-y, and also if the priest had a smartmouth". And since I didn't think of that game since then, I stand by that.

And our last PS4 game this week is Rage 2! The sequel to Rage! The game you may remember from Breaking Bad, that Aaron Paul was playing obsessively because that's what he was filled with at the time! Anyway... I think this is a Looter-shooter? Has a real kind of Borderlands-y vibe, at least. And its existence reminds me of the hits of Prestige TV in this, the New Golden Age of Television!

Bubsy: Paws of Fire leads the charge on multi-console things this week! Putting the best foot forward and so forth; continuing the legacy of saying "Remember how bad that bad video game Bubsy was? Well, here's another bad video game! Like Bubsy!". This one is at least from the makers of the Bit.Trip games, who have been known to make a fun running-man game (err... not the one with Art Linkletter) so at least some effort is being shown! Or at least they can't use "But Bubsy is bad, get it?!?!" as an excuse.

Next, and QUITE POSSIBLY the nearest and dearest thing to this forums heart this week is Castlevania Anniversary Collection, which has not one, not two, but EIGHT entire Castles to Vain! Seven of them Good! One of them very much not! But of those other 7, we've got Castlevania (the first one!), Simons Quest (a rough draft for the eventual Metroidvania-style ones), Draculas Curse (arguably the best one?!?!), Super Castlevania (which... has lots of people who like it more than I do), Bloodlines (never re-released), The Adventure (they... they tried!), Belmonts Revenge (Most Improved!) and Kid Dracula (never released outside of Japan)! That's almost TOO MUCH!

It's a real CastleMANIA!

This is one of the rare instances where I am so spoiled for choice for best gif I can't narrow it down!

Speaking of being SPOOKED OUT OF YOUR SOCKS BY MONSTERS, there's also Darkwood. Which is about a little man with a hat and flashlight walking through a monstered up wooded area and being SPOOKED NASTY by all the critters and creeps that live there. And solving the problem of "being scared" by blasting the hell out of scary things with a shotgun! Hell yeah!

Devious Dungeons 2 is the sequel to a game I once described as "like a lesser Rogue Legacy, that scratches that same itch when Rogue Legacy is not around". But now Rogue Legacy IS around... so... it's cheaper at least!

And hey, do you like SKELLINGTONS? If this forum had targeted ads, it kind of feels like we'd sure be advertised skeleton-related goods a lot, certainly. ANYWAY! Undead Horde is also out this week, and it appears to be a strat-em-up that's somewhat in the Pikmin vein. Except instead of adorable little carrotboyz, you've got A MILLION SKELETONS! And also RPG mechanics and whatnot...



Sniper Elite 2: Remastered is another one of those times where a new (well, "new") release in a long-running series is released, and I know squat-all about it, so I have nothing to even pretend to know to talk about.

And hey, speaking of, as we move over the Switch exclusives, we've got Guilty Gear XX Plus R! And I JUST SAID everything I can say about Guilty Gear!

This one is probably different from that last one, though! More suffixes if nothing else.

And speaking of Hair Metal of the 1980s, we're moving right on with Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder! The sequel to the first game to marry Marble Madness with Tower Defense gameplay as you fling a giant grinning rock at enemy fortifications while trying to prevent an enemy rock from doing the same to you!

It's Buten Bleeban Blobben Bowlin'!

Blades of Time is back! Remember Blades of Time? The direct-to-Bargain Bin Russian-Made hack & slash game from about a decade ago? Well... someone must have. And they felt that Blades of Time needed a second chance to make it to the top! So they stealth-released it on the eShop! Which sounds about right.

Travel through... time? With Blades? And fight monsters? In a place called Dragon-Land?

The trailer honestly didn't look half bad, but it also didn't look half distinguishable from any number of other hack-n-slash action games.

Thief Simulator is one of those games that kind of lays everything out with just the title; it's a game where you are a common burglar, burgling people and stealing their valuable possessions and then selling them to a fence for cash. It's like a prequel to Home Alone, about all the places Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci visit before they meet the child serial killer.

Project Nimbus, on the other hand, does NOT have a title that invokes its content at all, but I was interested enough to watch a trailer. And then my interest went from "fledgling" to "intense". It's a ROBO-EM-UP shooter that that's got some real Gundam/Zone of the Enders vibes its giving off, and I've often gone on the record as saying that anything that reminds me of Zone of the Enders has my immediate attention.

And besides, it's not like Daemon ex Machina has a release date yet, wheras this here thing DOES!

And speaking of things with intense Octo-appeal, you'd THINK that would describe Octogeddon, wouldn't you? Well, that's called profiling, and you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that. I'm honestly only mentioning it because if I didn't, I'm sure someone would have commented "I can't believe you forgot Octogeddon!"

And someone would have.

Anyway, it's a port of a mobile game about a big octopus with different entire animals for tentacles who smashes up buildings, like Rampage, but with a weird kaijutopus.

On the other hand, 39 Days to Mars looks like a heap of fun! It's a co-op puzzlatformer Jules Vern-em-up where a Plucky British Explorers who decide to travel to Mars, and must contend with all the problems associated with space travel when your ship is a dirigible and also space is full of dangers both expected and not.

Now, the aforesaid Castlevania Collection is not the ONLY collection of much loved monster-themed action/adventure games released this week (well, next week, but w/e) we've got Resident Evil (the much loved remake!), Resident Evil 4 (one of the finest 3rd person shooters ever made!) and Resident Evil 0 (which, too, is a Resident Evil game!). Of them, I'm really only familiar with 4, but I loved 4 enough to buy it multiple times, and the prospect of Portable RE4 is MORE THAN MY HUMBLE FRAME CAN BEAR!

And since this is the best way to segue into it, NESflix also updated with four more games, two of which being re-releases of a games that was already on it! We've got Donkey Kong Jr. (featuring one of the very few villainous Mario roles), Clu-Clu Land (which defies simple explanation), Vs. Excitebike (which is different from the Excitebike that is currently on the service in ways I do not know), and SP Star Soldier (which lets you start at the end of the final level with a fully powered up ship).

And next up is Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland, which is another new Atelier game. Which I know has fans on this forum, but which, again, I am totally in the dark about so I can't really comment on. This one has a Scion named Lulua, if that helps you any.

And finally, we've got Team Sonic Racing! Which is the triumphant return of the (strangely underrepresented) Sonic-themed Kart games. This one seems to be scaling things back from the last couple of Sonic Racing games that gradually became a huge celebration of all things Sega (and also Danika Patrick) as the the game seems to be entirely based around Sonko the Fastdog and his friends this time around.

And now I'm done. Phew...
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Old 05-15-2019, 07:46 AM
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Guilty Gear is so exciting. The X/XX lineage maintained its hegemony over the series for so long--and now the same's occurred with the Xrd family--that the first game is always in danger of being totally disregarded and overlooked. I'm really happy about people getting a chance to play it again and experience its gonzo garage fighter aesthetic.
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Old 05-15-2019, 07:54 AM
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Totally agreed. And however briefly it's nice to see Dr. Baghead's Faust's origins as Dr. Baldhead again.
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Old 05-15-2019, 07:11 PM
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Oh. Well, that pretty much changes it from "will buy when it's on sale" to "would have bought just before making this post if it were currently available for purchase on Steam".
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Old 05-16-2019, 06:01 AM
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I didn't realize previously that the Castlevania Collection was coming to Steam! Owning these on PC seems wrong somehow. (Imma do it.)

Now if we could just get Harmony of Despair on Steam as well...
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Old 05-16-2019, 06:31 PM
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Octogeddon is by the creators of Plants Vs Zombies.

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I asked over in the Switch thread, but since there's some GG chatter here I hope you won't mind a repeat, but is it digital only, or is there a physical release?
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Guilty Gear got a physical release in Europe and Japan with both OG and XX Advent Core, but is digital only and released in two parts for NA iirc.
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