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Default What in Blazes!? It's Wild Arms 2!

Are you ready for a Let’s Play so wild, you’re gonna need two arms to contain it!?

Table of Contents!

Chapter 1: Stray Dogs
Chapter 2: Puzzling Sisters
Chapter 3: Wide-Eyed Heroes
Chapter 4: Chasing Cats and Legends
Chapter 5: Magicians and Monsters
Chapter 6: Prisoners and Pugilists
Chapter 7: Under Traffic Under Siege
Chapter 8: Reach Out and Threaten Someone
Chapter 9: The Kids Are (not) Alright
Chapter 10: Crosses to Bear
Chapter 11: A Splendid Scientist Appears! Liz and Ard are Here to Help!
Chapter 12: Down Below and Way Up High
Chapter 13: You're a Wizard, Timmy!
Chapter 14: You Gotta Blow Sometime
Chapter 15: A Varukisas Before Dying
Chapter 16: Sea, Save Files, and Sielje
Chapter 17: Past, Present, and Lizards
Chapter 18: Brad's Secret Castle
Chapter 19: Just Some Passing Brad
Chapter 20: I Choo-Choo-Choose Death
Chapter 21: The New Kanon
Chapter 22: The Final Battle! Liz and Ard and Some Other Guy Return!
Chapter 23: Pillars That Take an Eternity
Chapter 24: The Last Place You Look
Chapter 25: The Fall and Rise of Odessa
Chapter 26: A Girl and Her Friends
Chapter 27: Lilka and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Chapter 28: The Planet is in Peril (Again)
Chapter 29: Kanon and the Cosmos
Chapter 30: The Last(ing) Scars of Odessa
Chapter 31: Sleeping Volcano, Hidden Dragon
Chapter 32: Inexplicable Halloween Special
Chapter 33: Luck, Wind, and Fire
Chapter 34: You're Never Too Old to Find Yourself (and Treasure)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a Let’s Play of Wild Arms 2: Second Ignition. Why WA2? Well, I’ll explain that in full detail much later, but, long story short, for the last fifteen years or so, I’ve felt like I owed Wild Arms 2 a favor, and now is as good a time as any to settle that debt. Any other questions? Because we’ve got answers!

So this is a Let’s Play of only Wild Arms 2?

Yep, this is not a franchise-spanning Let’s Play like some LPs, just Wild Arms 2.

So will you be addressing the other Wild Arms games?

Not very much! Truth be told, I only played Wild Arms 1 (and its remake), Wild Arms 2, and Wild Arms 3 to completion. By the time of Wild Arms 4, I had kind of fallen out of love with playing every JRPG that came down the pike, and I quit that one somewhere about halfway through. Wild Arms 5 met a similar fate, and Wild Arms PSP was a gorram tactics game, and who has time for that?

So what’s the spoiler policy here?

You can pretty much assume I’m not going to spoil other Wild Arms games, because I can barely remember those adventures. Actually, that’s a lie, I’m probably going to bring up superficial similarities between WA2 and other WA games (that I’ve played), but, in general, this will be laser-focused on WA2. I will also likely spoil Final Fantasy 7, a game wherein Aeris dies, and other JRPGS contemporary to Wild Arms 2. I will also inevitably make references to Kingdom Hearts and Xenosaga, because, hi, I’m Goggle Bob.

Should I read this LP if I’ve never played Wild Arms 2 before?

Sure, why not? I may make oblique references to future events, so don’t expect a completely “surprise-based” Let’s Play, but, other than that, I’ll be doing my best to make sure old fans and new may enjoy this Playstation 1 JRPG from 1999.

What will be the focus of this Let’s Play?

Like a certain other franchise, Wild Arms 2 has a reputation for having a confusing mess of a plot. Whether this is because of a weird translation (“weird” is probably the best descriptor here), the plot is plain bonkers, or some combination of both is immaterial. One way or another, it seems that a lot of people that played Wild Arms 2 have no damn idea what just happened, so maybe this Let’s Play will rectify that.

So you’re focusing on the story?

It’s what I do! Speaking of “What I do”, like the Xenosaga LP, I will be cheating my ass off here, so don’t expect killer boss strategies.

Cheating? Again?

Wild Arms 2 has a classic JRPG battle system. That means it’s boring as hell. I don’t think I’d be able to continue the LP if I had to repeat a dungeon, like, once. Sorry! This cheating is for your own good.

Picture or Video LP?

I’m gonna copy and paste this from the last LP: Picture, for two reasons. One, I personally find it difficult to “follow” video LPs, if only because if I’m in a situation where I can sit down and “watch” something, I’m probably watching a scripted show, and not someone else play a video game. This isn’t to disparage video LPs, incidentally, it’s just how my own viewing habits work, which naturally influences what I myself produce.

Are these pictures small?

Sorry if it’s a little hard to read, but I’m formatting these shots so they’ll appear well on mobile devices as well as computers-proper. I have a tendency to browse the net on my phone, and, again, I’m a giant narcissist, so I assume my audience is me. I understand me.

Hey, you missed (fill in the blank)! What gives?

This isn’t a walk through, and I’m not going to hit every single sidequest, because I want this thing to end before the heat death of the universe. I’m also not, if I can help it, using a FAQ, so it’s pretty inevitable that I’m going to miss some stuff. That said, feel free to chime in on “oh man what about x”. I’m listening!

This is a classic JRPG with a lot of name options, may we, the audience, choose the names of characters?

No! This is a no fun zone! Errmm… I mean… In the interest of fully analyzing the plot, we’ll be sticking to the default names for most of the characters. … I just really don’t want to write a thousand page essay on the motivations of PANTS! Winchester. That said, there may be a few places I weaken my iron grip on the naming schemes. No promises.

That all make sense to everybody? Great! Let’s play!

We are starting a new game! Mostly! By the way, unlike Wild Arms 1, there is no secret cinema scene if you wait on the title screen long enough. Believe me, I checked.

But like Wild Arms, there is a rad introduction sequence when you start up the game. It’s not as good as the Wild Arms 1 intro, but then again, many people have described the birth of their first child as “not as good as the Wild Arms 1 intro.”

And the first glimpse of a character is ol’ Spineyhands McCloakneck. I’m sure he’ll be important later.

Each of the Wild Arms games has a… gun-sounding? Is that a phrase?... subtitle. Should I be abbreviating this game as WA2ndI? No.

Trudging through the desert is…

This guy! Ever notice how many JRPGs have heroes with blue hair? Is that, like, a thing?

Meanwhile, deep in a cave, some sulky guy looks over heavy artillery.

And sleepy girl gets some shuteye on a magic rune. That… is probably a bad idea.

Is maximum fuzziness offset by beady little eyes? Maybe we’ll find out!

And this is clearly some manner of Area 51 reject.

Back to wasteland traveling…

And now we get some (more) rapid fire action scenes. It’s our favorite alien on a rope bridge with the fuzzball. This is meant to seem dangerous, but has a bridge ever actually killed anyone important in fiction? And then some walking! And threatening! Or something!

And here’s a brief glimpse of the best character ever.

And some light incest!

Back to the desert.

And somewhere, a sixteen year old that dresses like a sixty year old is getting water while concerned.

Yes, this game will involve walking!

And the whole intro ends on a shot of blue-boy’s footprint. It is a weird thing to focus on for your finale.

By the by, in the Japanese version, this whole sequence is scored by a song that involves actual lyrics, but the vocals were replaced with a cool brass sound for us Americans that can’t stand to hear a Japanese voice. As a trumpet player, I’m not entirely upset.

Anyway, the introduction closes with a choice between three heroes. Do we choose “A young man ready for action”...

“A former hero now war criminal”...

Or “A sorceress just getting started”? You decide!

I mean, seriously, decide. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Next time on Wild Arms: You tell me!

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