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Old 07-12-2018, 03:12 PM
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Default Digital Down-Low for 07/12/2018: An Entertaining Fellow

Now we are, all of us, full of blood and honey.

Once again, there's scarcely a niblet on PS4, save for 20XX, which I mentioned last week (and is arguably the biggest release to me, personally, this month), but that doesn't mean we have nothing! Nosireebob! In fact, it would not be at all misleading to say that we also have Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils. Which is a dungeon crawling adventure game about a rabbit who grows cat ears after a nuclear power plant explodes and must now brave a MONSTER CAVE to un cat-ear herself.

From the cover-art, I am assuming it's Aggravatingly Anime, but this could be the result of a misaimed attempt to attract attention to the game.

I can't tell you a blessed thing about the game, as there are no screenshots and "an improved version of the PC dungeon-crawling action game" is as close as the description comes to talking about the game.

As for the Switch, that is, as per usual, where most of the action is. And what says "Action" quite like "Point and click text adventure"? NOTHING THAT'S WHAT! And to that end, we have The Lions Song. Which is... that thing I said.

It's set in the early 20th century with an all-star cast of Austrian artists and scientists each with "intimate struggles with creativity and inspiration".

Me, I'm going to wait a bit to see how the competitive metagame works in the deathmatch mode before I pass judgement.

Now if you want a text-heavy point and click game that DOESN'T look like they forgot to add in the video game bits, there's Star Story which, if I am inferring screenshots correctly, looks to be more of a regular-ass RPG just with lots and lots of jabbering and choose your own adventuring. Which I am all for, make no mistake. I'm honestly pretty impressed at how many examples of it are on the Switch, in fact. There's just a more significant one coming up a little further down this list, however.

But first, ARCADE GAMES! Two of them! Neither of which I've ever heard of! From Data East we have Express Raider (kind of looks like a proto-Sunset Riders, with fewer playable characters and presumably no one being married to their bunny), and on Neo-Geo we have The Super Spy, a first person puncher that boasts you must "Punch, Kick and shoot to destroy the worst terrorist group in history!" Furthermore, you can earn experience points to level up in a role-playing game-like feature!

A little something for everyone, form your good buddies at SNK!

Next up is HOLY POTATOES! A Weapon Shop?!?. A business sim about running an weapon shop in an RPG world, just one run by potato-men. It's the kind of cruft I generally skip over, but I can't help but appreciate a game that lends itself so easily to picking which Gif to use.

Next up are two retail releases and plainly the biggest releases of the week; the first of which being Octopath Traveler, a super fancy lookin' JRPG from Squenix that looks enough like Saga Frontier or perhaps Dragon Quest IV to make me say "OH! Okay!" since it gives you a bunch of different chaps and ladies with their own mini-RPGs to play through, and then it mushes them all together into one big RPG. And I am SUPER EXCITED to play it, but I have to be a Good Boy and eat all the the other RPGs on my plate before I can have this tasty looking desert.

Taking bets on seeing how long that lasts

The other retail release gets to bypass the "Clean Your Plate" doctrine by merit of the fact that it doesn't really have any significant amount of competition for my time and affection; Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (also on the 3DS), arguably the most tragically overlooked game on the most tragically overlooked Nintendo system! Now featuring more game! It's a throw-back to the cruelly neglected Lolo-style of puzzler with each level being it's own little NAVIGATION GAUNTLET where you have to maneuver the stubbiest l'il fella in any Mario game through puzzle rooms full of Deadly Critters and PRECIOUS GEMS!

It is already in my Switch and I just have to wait for the future to hurry up and arrive so I can play the dang thing!

Now if you want some fine action-puzzling but simply CAN NOT ABIDE the prospect of playing as a MUSHMAN, may I interest you in the fine vintage that is Bomb Chicken? It's form Nitrome (a mobile developer I'm rather fond of) and it offers you the opportunity to play as that most noble of birds, as it is tasked with navigating deadly perils using naught but the chickens natural ability to drop bombs from out its butt.

I was GENUINELY SURPRISED to see this in the new release window today but I sure as shootin' ain't complaining!

AND SPEAKING OF things I deem "exciting surprises", we have Galak-Z: Variant S, a conversion of one of my more favored Rogue-ishlikes of the past few years. Now this is a conversion of the mobile port of said game, which I understand to be wildly different, but, on the other hand, the asking price is "zero dollars", so I feel confident about the results of gambling on it.

Fly a SPACESHIPPER to destroy ALIEN FOES! Then, when you die, everything is dunn jumbled up! Because THAT IS HOW THE ROGUES LIKE IT!

Now I mentioned before that there was another RPG that is also pretty much a choose-your-own-adventure game that I was excited to talk about AND THAT TIME HAS COME! Sorry to keep you waiting for so many paragraphs. But we've got The Hand of Fate 2! Where a creepy ol' weirdo with a stack of cards tells you about an adventure you had and each card he draws and dice you roll weirds up the adventure further. I played the first one and declared it "Pretty cool!" and I didn't play this one before, but I will assume it remains "Pretty Cool!".

THE ROGUE TRAIN HAS NOT STOPPED, even though it's plunged on well past the station and is now out in some cornfield somewhere; because next we have Touhou: Genso Wanderer: Reloaded.

Which is a Mystery Dungeon style Roguelike. Starring Tiny Animes, named Moe.

And the last thing I'm talking about this week (mainly because this is getting exhausting and dinner will be ready soon) is Mugsters, a physics puzzler that, honestly, I'm mainly mentioning because the trailer gave me some Blast Corps vibes, and OCTO IS FINE WITH MORE BLAST CORPS ADJACENT MEDIA, THANKS.

Okay, now I am done. And neither God nor The Devil can keep me from these french fries that are my birthright.
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Old 07-12-2018, 04:17 PM
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Bunny Must Die is actually a Metroidvania. The PC original must be ten years old at this point. I remember it being infuriatingly difficult (it owes at least as much to Treasure as it does to Super Metroid, including at least one direct lift), but not much beyond that...

Captain Toad doesnít actually feature ďmore gameĒ as such. It appears the new Odyssey levels come at the expense of the original versionís 3D World levels, meaning neither is really ďcomplete.Ē
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Old 07-12-2018, 04:37 PM
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Octopath Traveler looks like Saga Frontier? More like an even more grounded Saga Frontier 2. (I love that Saga Frontier takes place in a Dragon Ball-ass world where all times and genres are compressed together)
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Old 07-13-2018, 02:20 AM
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I have never played it or anything but I resent Hand of Fate, because it makes me keep thinking people are talking about another game, dear to my heart.

Originally Posted by Pizzarino Sbarro View Post
(I love that Saga Frontier takes place in a Dragon Ball-ass world where all times and genres are compressed together)
{A world where WHAT?!
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Old 07-13-2018, 02:56 AM
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Iím kind of torn on Galak-Z.

For the positive, except for the controls being slightly yet significantly squiggled up, itís a pretty decent alternate take on the real game; levels are much smaller little nuggets, once you get used to the re-jiggered controls, zipping around caverns and shooting down enemies is still a delight.

The downside is that everything in the game is filtered through the haze of Free-to-play elements; your ships hull repairs in real-time between missions, most upgrades are handled through lootcrates and gacha shops (though, so far, you earn lots of premium money by playing so you donít need to spend Actual Money on it), and unless you want to pony up Premium Currency, it takes about 10 minutes to unbox each of those loot crates. And lord-knows-how-long to bring up the money to actually buy any upgrades you may have unlocked.

Also, this may just be a result of me not being too far into it and unlocking that ability, but your ship can be EITHER a ship or a Mech, but you canít swap between the two. Also, the special weapons are restricted to filling up a meter, rather than being freely available, which makes combat feel a lot less engaging.

Iím still going to stick with it until such a point as the FTP renders the game unplayable (which is inevitable), but itís a confounding letdown.
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Old 07-14-2018, 09:21 AM
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It seems that chapter 4 (out of 16-ish?) is the point where Galak-Zs FTP origins slam the brakes on the fun; as enemies begin greatly outstripping your abilities unless you grind forever or else pony up hard cash.

Also, the time needed to open loot boxes extends from a still pretty daunting 10 minutes (again, unless you use Money-money), to a full hour. And the contents of loot boxes consist of In Game Money, a Slightly Rarer in game money that can be redeemed (at great cost) for a gacha machine for passive upgrades, and progression towards a randomly chosen new weapon or armour schematic for one of your ships.

Oh, and if you want to upgrade your BOTs (the reward for the aforesaid Gacha machine, and your primary means of leveling up), you have to enter an asynchronous multiplayer mode. Which grants you three battles, and which takes about three hours to reload unless you, again, pay Real Money.

The space shippy parts are fun but there is no possible way to recommend this if you have access to the PS4/Steam version. The monetization is just untenable. Iím sure thereís a reason this was the version ported to the Switch, but it would have to be a good one.
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