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Default Let's play Final Fantasy IV: Unprecedented Crisis!

Hello! Welcome to my Let's Play of Final Fantasy IV: Unprecedented Crisis!

First, a little bit of background. This romhack (which I'll just call UC) was made by Pinkpuff, released in June of 2015. About three years prior, they made an editor for the SNES version of FF2 called 'ff4kster'. I'm about 70% sure that UC was meant as a sort of flagship project for a new edition of ff4kster, to show off what it can do, but I can't really confirm that, to be honest.

Now, what does UC do? Some of its additions include new dungeons, new spells and skills, new bosses, a rudimentary party-switching mechanic near the end, and even multiple endings! The changed plot is...well, it's no worse than FF4's original plot, if we're being honest. at the very least, the text doesn't have noticeably bad grammar like most romhacks... The game doesn't feature romhack-level difficulty, either; it's about the same as in the original game; maybe even a little easier.

I can't think of anything else to add for introduction, so here's a table of contents to be filled!

EDIT: I should've put this to start with, but here's the link to the patch if you want to play through this yourself! I can't exactly link you to the ROM, of course, but I hear Google might help you if you say the magic word, which is '23084FCD'.

Table of Contents:
Bonus Chapter: Sequence Breaking Is Bad
Bonus Chapter: The Training Room
Bonus Chapter: The Serpent Road
Bonus Chapter: ff4kster

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