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Default My writing can beat up Camelot's honor student. Let's play Golden Sun: the Lost Age!

We're back, kids!

Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age!

As you probably know from my prior LP, I've taken a weirder approach to the Golden Sun games than I do for most. The games are charming and part of my Gamer's History, but at the same time, their writing is... not the best. So just like my old LP, I'm going to be rewriting the story here a lot. In fact, I'm going to be doing that far more drastically in the Lost Age than the previous game.

In the first game I mostly just shot from the hip and went with what sounded right. This got a few happy accidents, like Ivan misinterpreting his prophecy because I changed it around, but it also led to a few problems, like not having any idea what to do with Iodem, Faran, or Hama. Here, I've gone through and brainstormed a lot of the possibilities for what's down the road, so I'll have a much cleaner framework for what I'm writing, and hopefully what to surprise True Doom Alchemyheads with.

That doesn't really help us with the big problem, where the Lost Age's story is far more backloaded than the first game. Get ready for a bit of a slog to start us off, because outside of recapping the story of the first game... we're not going to be doing anything. Like, at all. We will wander to remote locations where nothing of consequence will happen, and then we will do this six more times. For this reason, I'm still doing the five-update backlog before I post anything here, just to prove to myself I have the gumption to do this all over again.

The Lost Age starts us off as Felix instead of Isaac. At the conclusion of the first game, Felix stood in direct opposition to Isaac in wanting to light the lighthouses, despite Saturos and Menardi taking a short walk down a long lighthouse. In my rewritten version, of course, Felix is already more or less on decent terms with Isaac. This will impact the story of this game precisely not at all.

As mentioned in aturtledoesbite's LP, you can transfer your clear data from the first game to the second when starting a new file (or at any time during a normal game if you haven't done so yet and haven't cleared Jupiter Lighthouse).

Unless you're using a GBA Link Cable to do this, you have three levels of password you can go with. Gold requires 260 characters, while Bronze asks only for 16. The advantage to Silver is that you get character stats (as increased with Mints and Apples and other such healthy items), while Gold also imports your inventory and dosh.

I cautioned aturtledoesbite in his LP to just go with Bronze, because any items you could import get outclassed somewhere in the vicinity of immediately after your parties rejoin (spoilers, by the way. Spoilers as mentioned in the Lost Age's manual). I, however, am going with Gold, mostly because I really like the Cleric's Ring and I want to see it actually used. For reference, here is my password, with the Bronze password for my old savefile for comparison.

akVcP vbpBv
P8aJN hb%Dn
z+b7e tr#nU
pkcWC #4uzt
m33UZ hTY6F
h%M4m GJw3W
2pT8g 3bThB
Ycy+U ktyyk
F5&tA Kxd=B
EQn!N Cs&e2
Zy938 #FD!U
Vh7L9 #XS2N
KiV$d bLhd7
5XN?= BpBzR
guG$k yLAqZ
&RFv= VKzDn
Q4qeV 8uhy9
dzp5h &t9mW
AyesE ?ewJn
=p?PD t%THs
yCYN# Ety+c

or if im not a dumbass
mNmwG TjR#E
L+W8t m

This is the only way to get the Cleric's Ring into the Lost Age. The Cleric's Ring is also the only item, in my opinion, necessitating the 260 character password, and even then that's only if you want to used cursed items. You could totally get by with just a Bronze password, no problem.

Since I've beaten the Lost Age once before, I have the options to start in Easy Mode (why)...

Or Hard Mode.

I've never done Hard Mode before, and I recall complaining about the difficulty in Golden Sun before this point quite a bit. So y'know what? Sure! Bring on Hard Mode.

Before you start the Lost Age, you get treated to a blisteringly slow text crawl outlining the backstory of the series, including a synopsis of the first game.

Here's the only actually relevant thing of the lot. The entire reason Alchemy was sealed in the first place was because people fought over all of this power and stuff. Bear that in mind as we move on, because that's gonna be central.

Anyway, let's do a quick bulletin point summary of the first game for the newbies. This is all taking my editing into account, of course.
  • Isaac, Garet, Felix, and Jenna live in Vale. A storm hits Mt. Aleph, causing an avalanche that kills Jenna's family, seemingly including her brother Felix, and Isaac's dad Kyle.
  • This storm was indirectly caused by Saturos and Menardi, a pair of warriors from Prox, who capture Felix and attempt to raid Mt. Aleph three years later. This is when the first game's events happen.
  • The pair steal the Elemental Stars, aided by Felix and a mysterious mystery man of mystery named Alex. With these stars, they can, among other things, unleash the full power of Alchemy. They can also possibly form the Stone of Sages, which does exactly what you think it does. They kidnap Jenna and the scholar Kraden in the process, but they miss the Mars Star.
  • Isaac and Garet recover the Mars Star and get a mission from The Wise One to stop Saturos and Menardi from lighting the elemental lighthouses.
  • They absolutely fail to do this for Mercury Lighthouse. However, they do add Ivan and Mia, the latter being a former student of Alex's, to their ranks.
  • Isaac's group, in their pursuit of Saturos and Menardi, get roped into aiding Lord Babi's attempt to gain immortality, in exchange for granting Sheba, a political prisoner and "child of the gods" her freedom.
  • They get to Venus Lighthouse, and while they fail to stop Saturos and Menardi from lighting it, they do very finally defeat them. Felix and Sheba attempt to reconcile with them there, but tectonic activity ruins everything.
  • Isaac and co. attempt to head to Lemuria and locate Jenna and Kraden, who are now adrift on the Idejima Peninsula, dislodged from the mainland in the quake.
  • Felix and Sheba fell into the ocean and ended up on this peninsula, somehow.

Let's get a bit of prologue to ease ourselves into the new perspective.

We meet up with Felix, Jenna, and Kraden en route to Idejima. Felix is going to double back to the top of the lighthouse for the scene we've already seen. Quovak suggests paying attention to Felix's story in this, but I don't personally see the point, since the lighthouse top scene from the first game already does that.

So instead, the focus is on Jenna and Kraden. Note that they're left completely unattended here: their role as hostages is basically forgotten from the first game, since Saturos and Menardi don't actually appear in the Lost Age ever. Needless to say, I'm keeping that element while it's actually useful.

<Kraden> I don't see the problem. If we're quick, we could possibly make it to Lalivero and get help.
<Jenna> No, that's not what I mean. I mean... do we just let Felix go back up?
<Kraden> Are you worried about him?
<Jenna> Of course I am! Even if he's sticking with those two... I don't think they'll let him release Sheba.
<Kraden> I only wish he'd have been so vocal when WE were captured.
<Jenna> You and me both. But still... I just feel like something really bad's about to happen.

Right on cue, Alex warps in with his fancy new animation.

Alex, you'll recall, is basically the accomplice of Saturos and Menardi.

<Alex> You should've taken Kraden's advice. Ran while you could. I'm kind of impressed that you didn't.
<Kraden> You were eavesdropping on us. Would you have caught us if we ran?
<Alex> Naturally. I expected Felix to be with you, though. Why isn't he?
<Kraden> He wanted to fetch Sheba from atop the lighthouse.
<Alex> A fine idea. I know that Mercury Lighthouse was relatively painless, but I've no idea what'll happen with Venus Lighthouse. The Laliverans have kept their records in even worse condition than Vale did.
<Jenna> Hey, back off!
<Alex> Ah, my apologies.

There's a bit here where Jenna lashes at Alex for implying that she's insensitive, but I took it out for the same reason I excised most instances of Garet being ignorant and abrasive in the first game.

<Alex> Well, I can understand that. I'd like to witness Venus being lit firsthand... but business before pleasure, I suppose. We'll have a good view of it from Idejima, anyway. And better to stay away from Isaac's group.
<Kraden> So they've come again?
<Jenna> Well now I want to go up there and talk to them, too!
<Alex> Better not. My hotheaded companions won't offer you much chance to talk, after all.
<Kraden> That's disappointing. Isaac was one of my best students, and as much as I've loathed the Proxians' harsh "work ethic"... I'd very much like to share what I've learned with him. He could probably pass it on to Garet and his two new companions, too.

<Alex> Again, I think both of you place too much faith in him. You saw how vehemently he spoke against our goals at Mercury Lighthouse. Like it or not, he's our enemy. If our goal is to succeed at all, and it's a goal you now support, Kraden...
<Kraden> Well, not so much the kidnapping and treachery, but lighting the lighthouses? Certainly.
<Alex> Then we can't risk any chance of Isaac's group stopping us.
<Jenna> Actually, now you mention it... why do you want to light the lighthouses, Alex?
<Alex> Isn't it obvious?
<Jenna> Well, now with Kraden's research done, I can see why you'd light them, but you joined before that. And Saturos and Menardi had their reasons from the start, even if I think they're full of it. Don't tell me you agree with them completely?
<Alex> Not really. But when they approached me at Mercury Lighthouse, what they said, and how it conflicted with the texts of the Mercury Clan... and yet corroborated others... well, my interest was piqued. If they were right, lighting the lighthouses would bring back a world where Alchemy reigned supreme, and the wonders of our Psynergy would be as carnival tricks compared to what we could do.

Remember: in the previous game, Alex wasn't really trusted by his allies at all. This trailing off here is supposed to be the hint going into the Lost Age that you shouldn't trust him either... but all of the conversation, even my edited conversation here, mostly just shows him as a guy with a bit of a low opinion of others, masked by a silver tongue. More importantly, he doesn't act like someone who's captured you at all. It's a bit awkward, honestly. But I'll see what I can do about this going forward.

Anyway, Alex cuts himself off, and we can move on.

For this first area, we can play as Jenna in the lead. While Kraden and Alex have joined our party, Kraden is unable to fight and Alex is mostly unwilling. Not that it matters, as Venus Lighthouses is totally empty of encounters right now.

In the Lost Age, they try to mix up the archetypes established in the first game, where the Sol adepts are physical fighters and the Luna adepts are casters. Jenna's Flame User class still gets the same class sets Garet would via Djinn abuse, but her Flame User class set is heavily dependent on its Psynergy. Her equipment classes are also identical to Ivan's, which puts her (and one other character) at a weird midpoint between physical and Psynergy-based, but overall the earlier game's meta (SOL ADEPTS SKRONG OP FLEXXXIN) stands. Fume is a new Psynergy in the Lost Age, which I'll show off later.

First things first, let's speed up the text and change the color. Crimson background best background.

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