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Default I'm a pretty pretty Princess! Let's Play Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen is a visual novel / life sim game where you are a young princess scheduled to be crowned queen on your 15th birthday after the death of the previous regent, your mother. The major difficulty with this is that you live in Westeros instead of the fluffy cotton candy world the game's anime styling suggests. You'll have to keep the kingdom running while putting down rebellions, dealing with duplicitous nobles and even facing the occasional eldrich horror. To do this, we can train in a wide variety of skills ranging from etiquette and protocol to spycraft and even full on magical girl superpowers as the title screen up there suggests. Depending on what you train when, the events in game will vary based on which skill checks you pass and which decisions you make as queen-to-be.

Since we get skill training choices similar to Persona 3/4's s-links, I'll be asking you guys for input on how to train our young regent. Here's hoping you don't get her killed! You will, you monsters.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: You can't go home again
Chapter 2: Be Our Guest
Chapter 3: A mysterious stranger appears! Command?
Chapter 4: SNAAAAAAKE!
Chapter 5: Lore of the Dance
Chapter 6: Oooooh, shiny!
Chapter 7: Full Court Press
Chapter 8: Slow News Day
Chapter 9: Trouble Brewing
Chapter 10: Unless of course, war were declared
Chapter 11: Mawwidge

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