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Wherein he has the distinct feeling that he’s being watched. This room is more for flavor than for challenge; if you take your time and don’t bite off more than you can chew, it poses very little threat. As for the flavor:


TREEHEAD: Kind busy, here!

VOICE: I won’t interfere. Much. Can you see me, Budkin? Because I can see you!

TREEHEAD: Whoa! How’d you get down there?

VOICE: Oh, just spilt and left behind like putrid milk. You could come down and visit. A fashioned hole in which you’d fit snug.

TREEHEAD: I…plan to stay up here.


VOICE: You plan to do a lot of things. But what will actually happen…who knows?

TREEHEAD: Nobody, but I got my own notions.

VOICE: I…FEEL that you should come down here. And I…FEEL…deeply…that you will. When the Mothingness rushes up for you, you’ll shake with forgotten fears of a child. Stand close to the edge and you may witness it gathering…

TREEHEAD: What do you want already? Jeebus, what?

VOICE: You want things, man above – not me. I am content to wait for certainties to fall into position.

Well, that’s a real upper of a conversation. At least all the eyes make thematic sense now.

Treehead has some parting words for the pit-lurker, who doesn’t see fit to respond. Enough of this frippery, let’s get back to the puzzles!

On to 1S, which it seems must be solved from the other entrance. But there is an inviting passageway straight ahead!

Here’s a room that is incredibly trivial…until you notice the roach on the force arrow at the far-right side of the room. That roach means Treehead has to drink the invisibility potion immediately if he wants to be able to kill it…which means that Treehead has to come out and get the enemies instead of just waiting inside the starting corridor.

As long as Treehead is careful around that rightmost roach, everything is fine. This is an odd placement in the level for what amounts to one of the simpler invisibility tutorials on offer.

And, once he’s done, the blue door remains to block further progress. So it’s back to try the previous room from the correct entrance.

This one is more of a thinker. Treehead is faced with three invisibility potions, then a one-way passage into the heart of the room. How does he need to tackle this one?

The roach in the bottom left has to be killed last, or else Treehead can’t escape after killing it. This means that the green door over on the right side of the room isn’t relevant, and the far right side of the room is jail. Now there’s an issue: the roach queen in the bottom middle of the room. How can Treehead prevent that roach queen from escaping over behind the force arrow in the lower-right?

Grab all three invisibility potions! If Treehead grabs two of them, he’s still visible upon reaching the bottom half of the room, and the queen escapes. If he beelines for the third, the queen just barely makes it over into no-go land. But if he grabs all three, the queen is stuck out in the open, and Treehead can kill it at his leisure.

Then he works on the remaining parts. The trap at the top-left causes the two roaches to pincer-attack Treehead as he strikes the orb to let them out; he can fix that by backswiping them using the little doorway to the area. The roach queen below them has to be carefully herded out of the area by approaching it from the opposite direction you want it to go.

The first eye can be killed by using its own aggression to lure it out.

For the others in the middle, Treehead needs to wade in and take out the first two to let the third come to him.

But there’s a snag over on the right-side of the room: Treehead can’t get these eyes to see him and come for him unless he walks out toward them, stranding himself in the process. And that means that he needs to make it down to this area while visible, drinking two of the three potions at the top of the room. So how can Treehead do that without letting the roach queen escape over to the right of the room?

Any ideas?

The answer here is to wait until the roach queen is about to spawn some roaches before drinking the second potion!

When that happens, the roach queen will block itself in. It’s easier to time this so that the roach queen and the roach end up blocking each other in the bottom-right passage, but it’s also possible to hold up the queen long enough with its babies to catch it before it can escape and attack it from directly above.

Once that roach is out of the way and the eyes on the right can be easily lured over to Treehead, the rest of the room can be solved the same as before.

And, at last, the roach in the lower-left can be picked off.

This is quite the clever room; in the same vein as 2N, it’s easy to get so caught up in how many invisibility potions to take that you forget to use the roach queen’s spawns to your advantage. The other mini-puzzles in the room also help to distract you, as they all look like whether you’re invisible or not might affect the solution, but they can actually be completed either way – except the eyes on the right. To 1S1W!

That’s…a lot of queens, and a lot of potions. First item on the docket: the roach queen near the entrance has to be killed on the way in, since it needs to be dead to open the green doors, and the trapdoors prevent backtracking for it. But it’s also important to become invisible quickly and avoid letting the roach queens spawn a ton of roaches and/or escape up the trapdoor-filled paths to the north.

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