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Default Second Verse... Different from the first?

Less to say this time around, so only one post to go with my most recent session:
  • Alright, I guess it's time to dive back in and figure out how to save dungeon mom!
  • Holy shit, Flowey is... gone.
  • I guess maybe this second playthrough won't be identical after all.
  • I missed you, dungeon Mom
  • Haha, I broke the candy machine this time.
  • And dungeon mom remembered my pie preferences...
  • Napstablook. I'd completely forgotten floor ghost's name. Is... is that a Napster reference? He does spend all day listening to music on his PC.
  • Weren't there 3 tutorial frogs in this room before?
  • Alright, dungeon mom round 2. Two people enter, and two people leave, or I'm resetting.
  • Ah, and new dialogue. She just accused me of acting as if I'd seen a ghost.
  • "You thought about telling Toriel that you saw her die." Jesus.
  • A-ha. Breaking its own rules again. So it looks like the key that I missed is to insist on Sparing her over and over, even though it doesn't "work".
  • I'm making dungeon mom sad. :-( This would have broken my heart the first time if I hadn't seen how much worse this can go down.
  • Aww, I got a farewell hug.
  • And no Flowey again.
  • Alright, pacifism is go. Ain't no stopping this train we're on.
  • Ha, and Sans is complaining that I'm not as surprised by his whoopie cushion the second time around.
  • Sans just called my phone. I... don't think he did that before?
  • And now Papyrus thinks he remembers me.
  • Lesser dog status: thoroughly petted.
  • Sans: "It's impossible for you to have seen this puzzle before."
  • Hah, I didn't ask Papyrus to explain the coloured floor grid puzzle over and over this time, and instead it ended up monochrome red when he turned it on.
  • Also, the box that runs it is literally Mettaton.
  • Ha, and the dog artist savepoint is different now.
  • Hee, it was a little snow house on my head this time.
  • Hrm. Still no change at the cliffside door.
  • I am burning through this quick the second time around.
  • Hah, I tried staying at the Snowdin inn and it's a free 50% increase to my max HP. That will probably come in handy!
  • Papyrus thinks I look familiar, and so has concluded that I must follow him on social media. >_<
  • Man, that Papyrus fight went way better now that I knew what to expect. Thanks to the inn buff, I didn't even have to use a single healing item.
  • Oh shit, and now Sans is asking me about Flowey. (I think he did that before, but it carries extra weight now.)
  • Now that I know to keep an eye out for MTT references, there are quite a lot of them.
  • Hahaha, I gave all of the opposite responses on my 2nd Papyrus date and still "won".
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Congratulations on becoming the good good level 1 goat son we always knew you could be.
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I recall when this first came out and someone was asking for a YouTube video of the pacifist run because he killed some folks and couldn’t be arsed to play through again.

I was like, it takes an hour and it’s so worth it, dude. I think it was TK so he just got mad and called me an idiot. As was his MO.
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1 level of good son , ngahhh!! , nyeh heh heh! , tem pay 4 colleg , undertale

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