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Hey guys, me and my girlfriend collectively know about five recipes total, so we often browse looking for stuff to make. I thought maybe sharing my thoughts on some of the things we've created wouldn't be a bad idea;

Brown Sugar Meatloaf
Super easy to make (if a bit disgusting. Hope you like touching raw hamburger!), but make sure you use the lean-est beef you can afford. I found the meatloaf itself kind of bland, so you may want to consider adding some more vegetables to the mixture, or adding some spice.

Peanut Butter Cake
I love peanut butter more than drat near everything, so really enjoy this cake. This is not something that keeps well however, so plan for guests or plan to gorge yourself. This is pretty similar to a sponge cake, for those interested on what exactly the texture might turn out like.

Cowboy Oatmeal Cookies
A fairly standard drop cookie, it combines Oatmeal (a favorite of mine for cookies) with Butterscotch Chips. I think I put a more traditional Nestle Tollhouse cookie slightly ahead of this one, but this is still a drat fine cookie!

Cajun Chicken Pasta
This is delicious, and I encourage anyone who isn't scared with using one and a half cups of heavy cream to try this recipe. My girlfriend doesn't like peppers or mushrooms, so we'd normally substitute in green onion and sometimes spinach. Two warnings: the recipe isn't spicy at all. I would recommend really beefing up the spice content of the recipe. Also: the sauce is a bit hard to thicken; users on the site recommend using flour, which works but you should avoid using whole wheat flour. Letting it simmer to thicken it up isn't a bad idea either, or that takes a while.

Yummy Couscous Salad
Colourful and delicious. This recipe is highly recommended by me, although the sauce requires an hour in the fridge, so plan ahead. We made it for the first time last night, and it's amazing how everything really blends together and compliments everything else. We went with Pure Kraft "Creamy Balsamic" salad dressing, which is itself delicious! One warning: the recipe calls for "1 red onion", but I wouldn't recommend more than 1/2 of one, unless you want onion salad (maybe you do).

Butter Chickpea Curry
This curry is a pain in the ass to make. The potatoes need to be diced really small (chickpea small) for the texture to really work (that is the pain part). The result was somewhat dry, which was fine with Chapati but would be pretty dry with rice.

Dill Lemon Chicken Pasta Salad
A favorite, note that the recipe is to feed a ridiculous amount of people. We use 1/10th the ingredients so we can pair it down so two can eat it (with leftovers). We use green onion over celery, and we also amp up the amount of dill in the recipe. This is pretty simple to make, and it's delicious. For extra tang, you can use Miracle Whip over regular mayo.

- Eddie
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I make this Health Nut Muffin recipe regularly, but I use a lot of the mods suggested in the comments as well as my own variants.

- I use non-fat yogurt instead of buttermilk.

- I found all the bonus fiber a little too harsh, so I just use 2 1/4 cups King Arthur white whole wheat flour instead of the white flour/oatmeal/wheat germ.

- I use either bananas/strawberries/blueberries separately, not at the same time. If I leave out the banana, I use a snack cup of applesauce instead.

- Sometimes I use brown sugar instead of white.
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